Spotiamp - Lightweight Spotify player


Revive the classic Winamp with Spotify premium


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Spotiamp is an application that allows you to play the playlists on your Spotify Premium account by combining the classic Winamp interface with the music player in streaming.

This tool is a tribute to Winamp from Spotify. The aim is to be an efficient MP3 player that is true to the original and that easily plays all of your music on the jukebox application.

The program is almost identical to the original version, an easy-to-use, light (400kb) and practical application. You just have to open the main menu to add and search for songs on your playlists.

Spotiamp access premium Spotify accounts to view playlists, search songs and listen to the radio in the same way you would if you were using Spotify. The difference is that this application lets you mix and equalize your music using the old Winamp interface.
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